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Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barbershop Quartet Singing in America
Vision:  "To be an ever-growing fraternal singing organization that is ageless, colorless and dedicated to the average singer having fun creating and preserving extraordinary music in the barbershop style. A Brotherhood known in their community for making a difference through singing."  This is partially expressed in our two theme songs:  "We Sing to Feed Them All" and "Keep the Whole World Singing!"

Standing Ovation Program

SOP Chairman

Mike Lurenz
763 River Rd, Binghamton, NY 13901-1200
(607) 649-9544

The SLD Standing Ovation Program (SOP) was begun on 11/28/00 when Pat Campbell (East Aurora) attended and reviewed the Jamestown Chapter Show. Since then, we have provided our service 91 times to 37 chapters (some 5 times), 1 harmony lunch bunch and 15 quartets. The praise we have received regarding our service has been more than we had hoped. Please contact me and request a review for a performance if your chapter or quartet has not yet used our service, and, if you are already one of our happy recipients, please continue to use our service each time you have a show performance. Most any type of performance (even mock) can apply.

What does it cost?

The only cost to the requesting quartet or chapter is means for admittance to the performance (tickets, if needed) for up to 2 people (the assigned reviewer and either his wife or a "buddy" reviewer). All other out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed by the district.

How does it work?

Just contact me (Email) and I will assign one of our 25 trained reviewers to attend & review your performance. I will need the location, time, date, event, directions & where the tickets can be picked up.

You will receive an input response from the reviewer within 2 weeks after the performance, which details the strength areas of the performance as well as suggestions, for your consideration, that may make the performance even stronger. The entire evening is reviewed and includes items of theater, patron reaction, lighting, sound, ushers, MC, timing, theme, format, song selection, program, costuming, and just about everything that lends itself to the performance.

The input you receive is strictly confidential as no copies of the input response go to anyone but the requesting group. The input response is usually in the form of a letter but you can choose e-mail, a personal visit, etc.

The following reviewers attended either a 10 hour seminar (by Lloyd Steinkamp) in late September 2000 at Harmony House in Webster NY, or a seminar on July 19, 2003 at our SLD Pow Wow school in Alfred, NY. They are qualified and highly respected for their knowledge of performance criterion and also their sensitivity to our barbershopping efforts and performances.

Fred Burne, Pat Campbell, Peter Covert, Bret Heintzman, George Hugel, Barney Johnson, Jerry Knickerbocker, David Lewis, Dr. Jim McDonnell, Peter McDonnell, Don Morgan, Mike Morgan, Jan Muddle, Dean Smith, Dick Grapes, Don Drake, Dan McLaughlin, George Jarrell, John Perricone, Bob Fuest, Glenn Jewell, Brian Moore, Ray Alexander, Ron Mason, Rick Collins.

Many of our district quartets aren't normally coached on performance "package" aspects so if your quartet is one of those, why not give us a try and see how much help we can offer to your performance package! Remember, it's strictly CONFIDENTIAL!

All requests must be submitted to me as I maintain records of requests and try to even out the review assignments based on availability and geography. Try us!


The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give your gift away.
Our gift is four part harmony singing.

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